Frankie Abbruzzino – Realtor


Have you ever started your home search with one of the large, major real estate firms?  After a day of looking, have you ever noticed that the realtor has only taken you to homes that are listed by that individuals firm?  Are they looking out for your best interest, or their firms?

I work with a boutique firm, EDG Realty.  I will input your needs into the Stellar MLS system and pull every home that meets your requirements.  No matter which real estate company the home is listed under.  My goal is to find your dream home and not to ensure the profitability of my brokers firm.

Remember that a buyers agent and their success finding you a home and working the best deal for their client, depends on the buyers real estate agent.  The fact that an agent is with a large national firm has nothing to do with it.  They have the same resources as myself and no more, perhaps even less.

When it comes to being a seller’s agent, I may have more resources than the larger firms, being able to utilize my large social media presence with over 60,000 followers on the Suncoast.  😊

So, let’s get started on finding your new home by clicking here — >>> “Find Your Dream Home Today” or the photo below or figure out your home value by clicking here —>>> “Get The Value Of Your Home” or the photo below, by clicking the appropriate link below.  Then contact Frankie Abbruzzino today via email at [email protected] or phone at 941.483.6633.  

Remember, most realtors and home sellers need to see a pre-approved document from a mortgage company or bank.  They can run the numbers to see which loan is right for you and how much you can afford to pay for a new home.  You an visit my mortgage calculator to see how much  you can afford, just click — >>> here